So, I can’t help thinking, from a platform standpoint, if I am going to attempt a ‘successful’ blog – and to be fair, less as a SM vehicle than as a documentation of a series of interconnected moments. Not an attempt at digital narcissism, ideally, as much as a window of sorts

I’m going to try to work on some post regularity, simply from a consistency of routine standpoint – try not to be too shocked if I occasionally wander off on some tangents – it’s pretty likely, I’m thinkin. 

I have zero idea about how the blog thing works – minimal exposure to blogs, though I think I grok the concept. So, try not to be too shocked when I figure out how to do cool nerd shit. By nature, I am a serial hobbyist… I have made jewelry, raised chinchillas, been involved in building high end vape mods and a good number of other miscellaneous things – my office/ workspace is not unlike the Weasley Warren… and I like it like that. I am a strong proponent of personal integrity (and yeah, when I do dumb shit, I try to own it and clean it up, as well)… Favorite author, hands down – Robert Heinlein – he groks.