To borrow thematically from a String Cheese Incident tune I am fond of… Hello, 2019.

2018 was interesting, of a certainty. Professionally? Challenging, to say the least – downsized from 3 to me with non scaled expectations. Personally? Yep. Turned 50. Opened a new door. Looking forward into 2019, I am at the start of a new layer. New awareness, focus. New vision. New center.

FogSmith continues to evolve.

More to the point, I continue to evolve. After a metaphorical extended run in ‘idle’ I feel re-engaged. Awareness with dimensionality. Started spinning idea webs last year on an interconnected set of project initiatives… Project zerg. Project Iguana. Project Gaia. Project penguin…

Traditional grand project format. Zerg some room for the stage. Set up and rock.