How does this shit work? Understanding effects.

The Effect Spectrum

This starts to establish a bit of a baseline for understanding the total – or synergistic – effect produced by a given strain based on terpene profile and cannabinoid interactions – part of what is referred to as the ‘Entourage Effect’

Using a ‘spectrum’ if you will  ranging from “Sativa” to “Sativa Dominant” to “Hybrid” to “Indica Dominant” to “Indica” we can establish a experiential basis for broad comparison of effect as a ‘head high’ versus a ‘body high’ (as well the delightful shades in between the two ‘points’)

From that basis, we can look at some other reference points, using some ‘established’ categorical parameters – namely ‘effect’, ‘medical’, and ‘negatives’ to differentiate some of the more pronounced and consistent ‘nuances’ of the strain’s overall effects.

Typically, recommendations follow aligning daypart dosing with the spectrum starting with ‘sativa’ early in day, given more typical uplifting or energizing effects progressing through the spectrum towards more ‘indica’ varietals later in the day to maximize benefits of the enhanced calming, relaxing properties