While I don’t necessarily want to use the contextual vehicle of a mission statement, per se, I do think it’s imperative that we give voice to the goal – the beacon, if you will, that will allow us to chart a course that is in alignment with both who we are and what we are trying to create.

We want to cultivate and nurture an elevated community focused on three shared truths that align with a unified goal – effective self care. Utilizing the Center: Elevate: Radiate model to create a sustainable framework / network / platform for education and support encourages individuals to deepen the understanding and actualization of self care in the context of cannabis while developing a community for ongoing education and support.

All the high powered language aside, we want to create a place where people can learn and grow… Encourage and support one another… Develop the ability to effectively understand and manage self care… Demonstrate the effectiveness of being the difference.