• What CBD is… and what it is not

    Understanding what CBD is amidst the hype and hubbub is a challenging – bordering on daunting – task. As clinical information continues to reinforce the dramatic impact CBD has not just on overall wellness but on treating specific disorders or conditions without adding toxins to your body.

  • CBD and Bioavailability

    What is bioavailability? (shared from Snapdragon Hemp) Why You Should Be Looking at CBD Bioavailability Before Choosing Between CBD Vape, CBD Oils, and CBD Edibles! It’s an exciting time for everyone interested in their health because of the different CBD products available around the world right now. More now than ever before, we’re seeing moreContinue reading “CBD and Bioavailability”

  • Achieving Entourage…

    What does this mean? This means you can get different tastes from cannabis at different temperatures. You may get hints of mango or lime or any of the many listed above or something different altogether. Each strain is different with its own range of terpenes, trichomes, and ever-changing arrays of cannabinoids that give each plantContinue reading “Achieving Entourage…”

  • Focus: understanding effects

    It’s challenging to reframe the almost ingrained tribal mysticism of the “Indica vs. Sativa” conversation. Simply put, in context, those ‘labels’ are incorrect. They are used to typify a broad effect generalization – “Indica” being a more calming, relaxing, sedating effect and “Sativa” being a more energizing, uplifting effect, though those erroneous labels are provingContinue reading “Focus: understanding effects”

  • Leafly re-booted

    recently, the popular cannabis culture/ commerce site, Leafly, re-imaged their strain categorization model, in a pretty significant fashion… diverging from the venerated ‘indica/ sativa’ two party system, they unveiled an expanded perspective that removes the erroneous ‘indica/ sativa’ labels and starts to take a more comprehensive look at the presence and effects of terpenes inContinue reading “Leafly re-booted”

  • Exploring the Effect Spectrum

    As more and more light shines into the metaphorical darkness imposed upon the plant that supplants so many unnecessary yet profitable pharmaceutical compounds, it’s imperative that we reframe many misconceptions embedded in the culture. One of those is the fundamental understanding of the effects of cannabis from a shared context – a shared frame ofContinue reading “Exploring the Effect Spectrum”

  • The beacon.

    While I don’t necessarily want to use the contextual vehicle of a mission statement, per se, I do think it’s imperative that we give voice to the goal – the beacon, if you will, that will allow us to chart a course that is in alignment with both who we are and what we areContinue reading “The beacon.”

  • planting seeds…

    every adventure starts with an idea, that may or may not be sanguine at the moment…

  • Finding balance

  • Focus. Center. Elevate. Radiate.

    Focus. Center. Elevate. Radiate.

    we seem to get so focused on destination, we often forget journey… we also often forget to listen for the music, we are so “focused”… stop. breathe. what exactly am i focused on? the laundry list of things i need to get done? is focus a singular obsession with a goal or an objective? isContinue reading “Focus. Center. Elevate. Radiate.”

  • The Effect Spectrum

    How does this shit work? Understanding effects. The Effect Spectrum This starts to establish a bit of a baseline for understanding the total – or synergistic – effect produced by a given strain based on terpene profile and cannabinoid interactions – part of what is referred to as the ‘Entourage Effect’ Using a ‘spectrum’ ifContinue reading “The Effect Spectrum”

  • What is Tribe?

    What is Tribe?

    Tribe is a concept, in this context, that I was first introduced to 30 plus turns ago and it’s a bit more entropic than a geographically defined small community or cluster of affiliated communities. It’s definitely more chaotic than the ‘nation’ scale Tribe analogues , though parallels exist in terms of culture (or subculture), theContinue reading “What is Tribe?”

  • What is a Tribe?

    Interestingly enough, Oxford offers a range of definitions – from the very cohesive ‘a social division in a traditional culture blah blah’ to ‘a large gathering of people’

  • Charting a course

    Charting a course

    An apt position statement. Just under the edge of my skin, there is a sullen electricity, like the charge that gathers before a storm. It’s anticipatory – transformation and change are afoot.

  • Outside, inside

    To borrow thematically from a String Cheese Incident tune I am fond of… Hello, 2019. 2018 was interesting, of a certainty. Professionally? Challenging, to say the least – downsized from 3 to me with non scaled expectations. Personally? Yep. Turned 50. Opened a new door. Looking forward into 2019, I am at the start ofContinue reading “Outside, inside”

  • Facets?

    playing with some miscellaneous branding concepts… just things and stuff – but all part of the journey – these brands are all simply ‘facets’ of the actual gem – lenses to view through, if you will… perspective matters.

  • Structure in Flux

    So, I can’t help thinking, from a platform standpoint, if I am going to attempt a ‘successful’ blog – and to be fair, less as a SM vehicle than as a documentation of a series of interconnected moments. Not an attempt at digital narcissism, ideally, as much as a window of sorts I’m going toContinue reading “Structure in Flux”

  • Phase One: Where the fuck am I.

    So. Almost 50 solar revolutions. Crazy shit. 1-18… Fairly normal rambunctious precocious youth. Fair to middlin smart, mostly likeable… 19-30 something… Increasingly further off the rails… Complete wreck culminating in alleged diurnal periods as an involuntary ward of the state… 30-almost 50… Adulting. Seriously. Mostly like a boss. Starting from zero, building a life (dependingContinue reading “Phase One: Where the fuck am I.”

  • String Theory

    String Theory

    Where to begin? Approaching the annual celebration of my forceful ejection from matriarchal netherportions, my fiftieth to be precise, I find myself in the midst of an interesting reinvention of self. The daily wage compensated mayhem becomes increasing onerous. Blergh. I don’t feel like I can typify my malaise as symptomatic of some encroaching midContinue reading “String Theory”

  • The Journey Begins

    Hey! Is this thing on? Where exactly to begin a deliberately planned ongoing rambling diatribe… well, at the beginning of the middle, it seems. Purpose – somewhat unformed at the moment… initially, a platform for sharing observations, perspective, perhaps a bit of eclectic humor… given that you never really know exactly what is going toContinue reading “The Journey Begins”