The Village


Wellness is an inside job

in perspective, my wellness journey is ultimately my responsibility

my journey to learn and my journey to apply what I learn… effective stewardship requires understanding, both of the goal and of possible paths (and results)

as part of a wellness community, our goal is to share information and improve understanding of how the endocannabinoid system works (the same one that is coincidentally built in to every human being…) – how it can impact personal wellness.

Improving our understanding of what cbd is (and what it ain’t…) and how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system, both by itself and in sync with other cannabinoid compounds (notably terpenes – which are also present in every fruit and vegetable we eat along with a myriad of other beneficial plants) to engage the “entourage effect” that has been a subject of intense study on a global level – the results continue to be eye opening.

we also want to increase knowledge and awareness of exceptional, effective NON-combustion delivery methods – vaporization being a key process that is in alignment with our goals as a wellness community, along with oral tinctures and premium topicals…

knowledge and understanding are the keys to unlocking wellness
and wellness is an inside job

not all cbd